Botox for the home!

You love your neighborhood. You love your neighbors. You love your schools. You even love your mail lady! Your house? Meh.

You’ve been tempted by these newer, shinier models. They have fewer wrinkles. No lumps, no bumps. But they don’t have character like your home. It might be fun to try something new, but your home is…yours. She’s been with you a long time. She’s needed a little repair, but you know she was built with an integrity that newly constructed homes lack. You know you have a treasure in your home. 

You would’ve paid at least $5000 toward closing costs. So let’s take that money and invest it in something you can trust.

Let’s tackle the main floor! If your home is old enough to need improvement, chances are you’ve got wallpaper somewhere. If it’s in a room where guests normally visit, let’s address that first.

Chances are, your nemesis is in the dining room, or maybe even the kitchen. Your most dramatic renovation will be the removal or painting-over of that wallpaper. If you hire the professionals at Huntsville Drywall Repair, they might suggest removal of the area where wallpaper seams connect. Sometimes those edges curl, and unless you are masterful at “mudding” and sanding the walls, you will need to leave this job to the experts. Since you will want to invest in a very good and durable paint, it’s wise to have trained professionals apply it. 

If you paint your walls, you will surely notice how scuffed and snagged your baseboards look! Have your trim painted with an oil based paint so that they can easily be cleaned as time goes on. The crisp contrast will provide a handsome, smart outline for your lovely wall color. 

Ceilings need attention too! Over the years, splatters and stains can draw the eye to the ceiling as you enter the room. Brighten that surface and you will feel like all the boxes have been checked!

Purchase new hardware for the kitchen cabinets. If this hasn’t been done in the last fifteen years, then it’s high time for an update! Installation is a breeze if you take your current handle and pull with you to the hardware store. Make sure the new hardware matches the dimensions of the old. A screwdriver is all you need!

Cabinetry can be expensive to paint. If you find that your spaces require more investment than cabinets permit, consider performing that project on your own. Remove the cabinet doors so that you can avoid drips on your surfaces. Lightly sand the paint, paying close attention to smooth the rough edges. Apply a satin latex or an oil based paint. Determine if coverage is sufficient for one coat or two. Allow plenty of time for drying before you re-hang the cabinet doors. Don’t be in a hurry- this part is time consuming!

Keep doors and drawers ajar for a couple of days to prevent sticking.

If you have additional funds in your allowance, purchase fresh drapes and throw pillows. Put a new mirror, hand towel and soap pump in the powder room. This calls for a celebration! Have friends and family over for a football party or a potluck dinner. 

Your entire home will look brand new! She’s been good to you. Give her the attention she deserves.

Contact Huntsville Drywall Repair. We will be right out to make your home the best it can be.

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Excavation Safety

You never see it coming. Workers are in a trench when the walls collapse and bury the workers under thousands of pounds of debris and dirt. These accidents are tragic but can be prevented. With the fatality rate being much higher than general construction, safety precautions are much more strict and there are other factors that only affect excavation workers.

Cave-ins are a real hazard and all workers involved should know the dangers involved on each project so they can take the proper precautions. Turnover, improper training, and trying to complete jobs quicker, are some of the reasons severe injury and death can occur when workers aren’t aware of the dangers. But safety should never be sacrificed for efficiency. Projects can be completed in a timely manner with properly trained workers when companies take the time up front to make sure everyone is properly trained and aware of the dangers involved in this line of construction.

Do your part! If you are a contractor, make sure anyone you hire is trained accordingly and is always aware of the dangers involved in each and every project! Does it make more sense to set up the work site properly the first time and have a safe work environment, with proper fencing and safety rails, caution markers, warning signs, and doing the work right the first time, or have to evacuate workers and potentially have injury or death because you want to shave a few hours off the project? Workers should do their part and always wear proper safety gear and be aware of the current project they are working on to take the proper precautions. 

Together we can work together to increase worker awareness and safety. Together we can prevent workplace accidents. Together we can save lives.

Tips About Milling

Asphalt or cement milling is a process that removes defects from the pavement for safety and driveability reasons. Some of the road problems that milling can rectify are as follows:

Shoving: a washboard appearance opposite travel direction 

Ride quality: uneven road surface such as bumps or indentions 

Damage: caused by impact or fire

Raveling: loose aggregate separates from binder and litters the road

Bleeding: the binder rises to the surface of the road

Rutting: occurrence of low spots in pavement usually along the wheel path

The process of milling asphalt or cement (also called cold planing or profiling) is the removal process of a paved surface. Surface milling or full depth removal might be necessary based on the desired result and the level of deterioration experienced.

Milling generates the aggregate needed to create the new asphalt to be used in resurfacing or repair. This repurposing is better for the environment than full removal with new asphalt applied thereafter.

The Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association has instituted classes of cold planing that the Federal Highway Administration has recognized. They are:

Class I – milling to remove surface irregularity

Class II – milling to uniform depth as shown on plans

Class III – same as class II with the addition of cross slope

Class IV – milling to the subgrade (full depth)

Class V – milling to different depths at different areas

A specialist, such as the experts at Hoover Asphalt Repair, can meet all your needs regarding milling and address any of your asphalt or pavement issues. These matters are best left in the hands of trained professionals.

Parking Lot Repair

Sometimes I fantasize when I pull into a discount store parking lot in a run-down neighborhood. As my car falls into a pothole and I have to put the pedal to the metal to squawk out of it, I begin to dream of what parking lots in heaven must be like. 

First of all, they’re white. And gold, of course. I drive under a beautiful arch that announces how elated it is to see me. The letters flip til they form the greeting, “SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU, JEANNE!” Then I look in my rear view mirror and it just keeps flipping little messages. “I’VE MISSED YOU!  DON’T EVER BE GONE SO LONG AGAIN!!” I smile. That sign is such a character.

I glide into the smooth pavement, not a skid mark to be seen, and there’s always a convenient trash can right next to every parking space. The trash can speaks too. It has a fancy hose that asks to clean my car and then intuitively removes all empty wrappers and cups. I smile and thank the can kindly. A fresh breeze blows on my face. It came from a perky little fan. I feel refreshed as my dress dances in the wind and I nodded politely to this courteous greeter. 

Raindrops have the audacity to fall as I increase my pace to the front door. But no slipping occurs because a gold perforated rubber mat rolls to my feet and I hop right on. It conveys me to the storefront and an awning stretches to meet me. It covers me chivalrously as I walk into the store. Employees bedecked in fancy straw hats, white button-up shirts, green aprons and arm garters call out, “Why hello there, Mrs. McKinney!” I twirl my parasol and point the tip with a little wink of affection at each of these lovely humans.

Ahhhh, shopping. When I left the store, birds alight upon my shoulder and sing me a cheery song. They carry my bags for me and my trunk opens automatically for them. I’m tucked safely into my car and I roll into reverse only to back over a deteriorating parking bumper. I’m back on earth, sweaty and unwelcome at the Save-A-Lot. 

But a girl can dream. And so can you.

Freekeh Soba

Am I weird or does rice need its own food category? I know, I know. Everyone thinks it’s a grain but I’ve never daydreamed about a satisfying rice bread sandwich. Grains are delicious. My favorite grains are mixed with sugar and butter. Mmmm. Wheat and oatmeal. They are lovely either salty or savory. Once they confided in me that they go both ways, but I felt a little insulted because everybody else already knew that. And the other grains have so much personality. You’ve got that crazy prankster, barley, always popping up in the most unexpected places, but aren’t you always glad he came by? Then you’ve got the grain formerly known as freekeh. He just goes by •¥• now. So funky. 

I’d rather call rice a vegetable, but the mighty potato gets too offended. He is a diva, but an undeniably delicious one he is indeed. When I mentioned the rice conundrum to him, I could feel static in the room. Flames shot out of his eyes and he spun around on his heel. He was muttering something about what rice would taste like deep fried, and how countries that were rice-rich were full of skinny citizens. He is sexy but, boy, he’s jealous.

I guess rice’s most redeeming quality is that my husband loves it. If I give him a choice, he never goes with that arrogant potato or that pretentious freekeh. 

Give me a soba noodle any day. But rice will have a special place in my heart simply because it has a special place in his.